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How to wash and care for your T-shirt

How to wash and care for your T-shirt

Your 100% cotton T-shirt should be properly cleaned and cared for to make sure it stays in good quality and prolong its lifespan. Here are some industry guide to properly keep your T-shirt clean. Simply follow along.

1. Wash Less

Try your best to wash your T-shirt only when needed, because every wash causes stress on the cotton's natural fibres and this will lead to degradation and fading of the T-shirt.

2. Wash in cold

Keep in mind that a cotton T-shirt dislikes heat and washing it in higher temperatures might even causes unexpected shrinkage. We recommend to keep the washes in cold or at 30 degrees at most.

Moreover, cold wash prevents white T-shirt from unexpected yellowish marks colourisation.

3. Wash with garments of the similar colours

Washing similar coloured garments together shall be a no brainer and always remember "White with White". This way you can definitely reduce the risk of having colours from other garment to colourise your white T-shirt.

Usually darker colours garments can go in the wash together, but lighter colours garments should definitely stays with its own colour scheme.

4. Always wash and dry INSIDE OUT

Washing your T-shirt inside out will prevents friction during washes to the outer side of the T-shirt, therefore reduces the risk of fuzziness and cotton piling on the outer side of the T-shirt.

Drying your T-shirt inside out prevents potential fading to the outer side of the T-shirt.

Doing it inside out is important to keep the outer side of the T-shirt more intact and prolong the quality and appearance of the printed design.

5. Do not tumble dry

Take note that all cotton products will experience a certain amount of natural shrinkage, which happens during the drying process after washes. Therefore avoiding tumble dry, and best to hang out your cotton T-shirt to air dry.

In addition, avoid direct sunlight during air dry as well to avoid fading of colours of the T-shirt.

6. Iron on REVERSE

Always iron all your garments on reverse, just like washing and drying them inside out, and this shall be done to a cotton T-shirt as well. In the case of a mistake, any damage that can be caused by the high heat of the iron will only damage in inner side of the T-shirt, and keeping the outer side of the T-shirt and the quality of the printed design unaffected.

Do not iron directly on the printed design on your T-shirt as the high heat of the iron may cause damage to the printed design.

The temperature setting of the iron shall be set to the appropriate setting for different garment, in this case, the cotton setting or low shall work splendidly

7. Storing cotton T-shirt the right way

Some like them fold, some like them hang.

Fold the cotton T-shirt on a flat surface to prevent any crease in between the folds.

If you like them hanging, hang the cotton T-shirt with a hanger of the appropriate size to the T-shirt. A wider hanger will distribute the weight of the T-shirt evenly to prevent crease at the bottom of the T-shirt.

8. Oops I stained my T-shirt, should I treat it immediately? Yes.

Treat the stained area immediately to have the best chance of removing it without damaging the T-shirt.

There isn't a universal stain remover that can remove all types of stain, therefore research is important to find out what substances can be used to removed the type of stain you are experiencing. A general recommendation would be rinsing the affected area with warm water and gently rub it with detergent or soap.

In addition, avoid using bleach on the cotton T-shirt, as bleach is a much stronger substance that may permanently damage the T-shirt.

Those are some hard and fast rules when it comes to cleaning a 100% cotton T-shirt. However always check the care label on the T-shirt to make sure you are washing and drying it the best way in order to prolong its lifespan and maintain the quality of the printed design.

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